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The BioSample Database (BioSD) is a database at European Bioinformatics Institute for the information about the biological samples used in DNA sequencing.
EBI SPARQL endpoint
SPARQL CSV srx srj CC0 2018-04-25

An example that selects Sample Groups, Samples, the main resource types in the Biosamples dataset.

Shows how to get and filter sample attributes. It also shows how the web pages on the provenance databases are linked.

Samples derived from the mus genus or specific organisms under it, as they are classified by the NCBI Taxonomy.

Samples treated with a compound of alcohol type, or a more specific type of alcohol. This is made through a query over the bioportal sparql endpoint (i.e., a federated query).

This shows how numerical values and units are represented in RDF. When possible, dates are detected and represented the same way, using xsd:dateTime.